Interesting facts, as I was transitioning from New York to Atlanta early 2010, my best friend’s nephew was a very young and rather successful Myspace artist. He had amassed over 1 million organic plays to that point, I believe he was only 17 or so. I was a struggling artist about to take on a job at a software start-up.

The fall prior, I had invested into Protools and a nice microphone to create a home studio and pursue hip-hop – Needless to note that plan did not work out accordingly (After all, I was driving to Atlanta for a new job in a new city).

The young producer/artist name? Pi’erre Bourne, real name Jordan Jenks – the nephew of my best friend Dwight Gentle. Jordan had grown up in Columbia, South Carolina and I had met his mom briefly through Dwight.

My time in Atlanta was going to be focused on work and generating income to pay off debt, so I boldly chose to offer Jordan my equipment and level up his quality.

Fast forward seven years, Jordan, now full time Pi’erre Bourne, is on tour with Playboy Carti and is the producer behind “Magnolia” – More evidence 212MMB has always been on the pulse of what’s new and hot – before it breaks.

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XXL Interviews Pi’erre Bourne

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