212 Multi-Media Branding (212MMB) was founded in New York City (area code 212) in January 2010. With four years experience in Atlanta’s media market, we are now based out of Las Vegas operating as a photo/videographer and independent digital media consultant. It is of paramount importance that our client’s take leaps forward in the execution of their business plans and we love utilizing guerrilla strategies.

WE believe in a 360 degree approach to social media marketing and content creation is necessary for success in today’s business climate. Combined with knowledge of millenial trends and the trajectory of new technology, 212MMB specializes in the story-boarding and messaging of creative and corporate brands.

The primary passion of the brand is in supporting the imaginative pursuits of independent business owners. With a wide network of respected professionals in finance, film, fashion, music, and technology, 212MMB is positioned to leverage your passion to your advantage, over the long term. Alongside partners across the United States, 212MMB seeks to manage, develop, and brand unique projects in unison with companies and individuals.