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212MMB Affiliate Producer/Artist Pierre Bourne Making Waves

Interesting facts, as I was transitioning from New York to Atlanta early 2010, my best friend's nephew was a very…
YWCTW MJ shooting

How I Took My Side Hustle Full Time

Freshly-minted 31 year-old. Passionate in visual direction and leadership. Now working in the production and entertainment world. I started my…
212MMB founder, Morgen John discussing WINNING; in digital branding, online marketing, guerrilla media tactics, personal development,  and championship

What Separates Good From Great? – Morning Coffee

- MorgenJohn Las Vegas - What is the first step towards greatness? Why this mindset is so important in ascending…

Million Dollar Dreams: The Golden Triangle

The Superhustler crew is back in Vegas with Chris Record, George Bailey, and Jim Piccolo, giving you a glimpse of…

Million Dollar Dreams: Capital of Vibes

The Superhustler crew departs from California, vibe capital of the world. Catch the views on the trip back to Vegas.…

Million Dollar Dreams: Caliburnia Dreaming

After the Superhustler crew lands in Los Angeles, opportunity presents itself abundantly, almost as if it were a daydream. Caliburnia…

Million Dollar Dreams: Three Feet From Gold

Episode 7 marks the beginning of a 3 day trip that turned into an epic 10 day journey across 3…

Million Dollar Dreams: Stay Sharp

IN this iteration, Ryan Gillette takes us on a quick tour of the rapidly expanding office space. Later he is…

Million Dollar Dreams: Gamify Life

Constant and never-ending improvement. That's what Tony Robbins says. This episode wraps up the Tecademic Launch weekend with Chris Record…

Million Dollar Dreams: Success and Failure

Rolling out Episode 4 of our the documentary, Million Dollar Dreams- "The journey from making your dreams become your realities"…

Million Dollar Dreams: The Gold Standard

There was a time we were really excited to talk and share what we had coming up. These days we're…
Oath of Manifestation

Million Dollar Dreams: You Can’t Be Afraid of New Heights

We are excited to be rolling out Episode 2 of our new documentary, Million Dollar Dreams - "The Journey from…

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